Student at TIPS participate in wide range of activities that motivate them in different arena including music, dance, yoga, slokas, art and craft and other extracurricular activities beyond the classroom. TIPS offers separate studios for Dance, Music, Visual Arts and Yoga.


    Creativity and imagination can best be expressed and understood through art forms. Young children today need these skills as they prepare for the work world. Exposure to art not just as an isolated subject but as an integral part of the curriculum helps children to make connections to their understanding.

    Art teachers, subject teachers and class teachers collaboratively plan on the activities to help children make connections and demonstrate their learning through art forms. Significance of art in education is very much high and activities like drawing, painting, craftwork are proven to promote intellectual development in children. We offer visual arts classes for all such activities. Children are given opportunities to exhibit their work on pinner boards and art gallery organized at school.

    We also bring experts in art field to talk to students on techniques and strategies. Besides traditional art forms, with the aid of computer based technologies children get hands-on experience in computer art as well.


    Scientists say that learning music or play a musical instrument develops higher thinking skills. The child who is skilled at art forms is believed to excel in many areas. Music reading is believed to nurture and develop language processing and reasoning abilities.

    Music study helps students to overcome fear and enables them to experience the outcome of constant efforts and practice through their performances. For students Music can be one of the best ways they look to de-stress and comfort themselves and to dance as well!

    We believe that it is essential that music must be taught throughout the curriculum, and not just in separate areas such as orchestra and tuitions. That is one way we can assure opportunities for all students to enter the World of Music and explore musical opportunities. Children also apply their music knowledge to connect to their subject area understandings. Students from Kindergarten through Senior School are involved in learning Indian Classical music and Instruments.


    To dance is to be ourselves – beautiful and strong expressions. Research says that dancing is believed to stimulate our mind and increase cognitive activity at all ages. When people think of dancing, they are not aware of the many ways it can impact and enrich their lives. Dancing promotes social interaction, self-confidence, health benefits, mental motivation and whole lot of fun. Dancing boosts our energy levels; relieve daily stress and strengthen our bones. In brief, we should dance to stay happy and healthy! And the most exciting fact about dance is that everyone can dance.

    Students invariably get to know different dance styles and the cultural connections while they engage in dance during school days. Dance is also now used to make connection to their understanding of concepts in subject areas. Dance is one of the enjoyable performing arts forms. We offer both Indian classical and western dances as an integral part of the curriculum. Students invariably get to know different dance styles and the cultural connections. For parents watching their children perform could be their best and happiest times!

  • YOGA

    Yoga, a very important activity of our school is imparted to the students by well qualified and experienced yoga trainers. Breathing exercises and meditation are taught whereby children attain peace of mind, serenity and tranquility.